“To promote wellness, health, movement, education, and self-improvement with the unique professional and personal experiences of diverse contributors.”

Essentially, this is a platform to educate others and spread ideas. Professionals in healthcare and fitness, like many other fields, work best when many disciplines communicate and work together. The goal is to create this dialogue and promote this interdisciplinary teamwork here. Furthermore, each individual possesses many unique specializations, backgrounds, interests, and levels of experience. In addition to the clinical perspectives we can provide to others to promote wellness, personal experiences can augment the services we provide.

Another role for this type of platform is to support others that are actively promoting wellness, particularly service organizations. We can promote and create revenue for worthy non-profit organizations. This medium for spreading information can also double as a means to assist those serving others.

How can we help promote wellness for ourselves, the people we work with, the people we love, and everyone else? If everyone adds something to the discussion, we get a little closer to wellness. We all know no one alone is perfect, but by mixing our knowledge together, hopefully we reach excellence. This extends beyond healthcare professionals or clinicians, everyone has something to add about wellness. Using this site, we will attempt to embrace this diverse blend of experiences in order to best help others.

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