About Steven Kinney

Hello all,

Welcome to Clinicians for Wellness, a healthcare related blog focused on working in many different ways to wellness. Before going any further, I just wanted to provide a little bit of information about myself.

I have been a licensed physical therapist for about 4 and half years practicing in a variety of practice settings. I have worked in acute, acute rehab, subacute rehab, outpatient orthopedic, outpatient aquatic, and outpatient neurological settings. I have even started volunteering at a therapeutic riding center within the last year. If you are interested in a more detailed view of my experiences, feel free to check out my LinkedIn page.

I am interested in broad and numerous categories, but probably above all learning and new experiences. I view my posts as as a collection of things I have learned through through my profession, courses, experiences, books, etc. My hope is that these posts can then help others.

I look forward to sharing further with you in the future.


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