Planning for the Future

I am currently in the process of upgrading different parts of Clinicians for Wellness. I just finished looking at the mission statement of the site and still feel pretty satisfied.

“To promote wellness, health, movement, education, and self-improvement with the unique professional and personal experiences of diverse contributors.”

My content fits this mold and this is still the direction in which I see the site going. Looking at the About page, I did decide some more information is needed. Spreading information and promoting collaboration remain primary objectives. However, I think more potential exists. How can I do more to achieve that mission statement?

A large component of this site relates, directly or indirectly, to giving back. At this point numerous posts have mentioned STAND and hopefully highlighted the benefits of this opportunity. Promotion alone can be a valuable too for non-profit organizations, but I also believe fundraising can take place.

Most if not all of the websites you visit online create revenue in some manner. Monetization can occur as simply as having readers click through the site, clicking on links, shopping after clicking through a shopping portal. These are some of the least invasive ways to generate income, but additional opportunities exist.  At the time of this post, no sources of revenue exist on Clinicians for Wellness. As this site is constructed, I plan to further explore these options. The plan is to create revenue, but not in a manner that would dilute the content or impair a consumer’s experience on this site.

How does making money fall in line with the intentions of Clinicians for Wellness? I think any funds raised could then be redirected to worthy non-profit organizations. I am excited how a medium for spreading information can also double as a means to assist those serving others.

In the near future, I am hoping to offer CEUs at a minimal cost as a fundraiser for a charitable organization. From there many possibilities and challenges await. How do we most efficiently give back, provide high quality content, and continue to grow? It sounds hard, but what fun would it be if it were easy? I am excited to tackle the future with you.



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