Education 101

$61, 236.1 As of June 2016, Sarah Lawrence, the most expensive college in the nation costs over $61,000 per year to attend.To be honest, that is absurd. However, many people including myself consider education one of the most important investments you will make. So how do we value education? Can we afford this investment? What are some alternative ways of educating ourselves?

First of all, I would ask is it worth it to pay exorbitant sums of many for the a traditional liberal arts degree at a prestigious institution? Maybe. A selective spot in a renown conservatory may pay off to ensure a career in a competitive music industry. A $60,000 per year investment might not be worth it for someone who has a job waiting for them in the family business. It really is situational dependent.

While there is a time and a place for a “traditional education”, we more often need to consider the other options. College might not be right for everyone. Possibly trade school can be an alternative. Online education can provide more flexibility and affordability. Sometimes we all get stuck follows the crowd on the same beaten path. Discussing the forgotten, emerging, yet to be developed, and scarier paths is needed. Only when exposed to all the options can an individual make the best choices for his or her self.

These posts tagged as education are going to continue to focus on the topic of education, similar to this post. Since most of the content aims to be educational, A post on core stability will not be tagged as education, but a post on choosing a school would be tagged as education.

My hope is this site assists you in many ways on your educational journey. Using online content here (and other resources on the internet as well) can be a valuable resource. If the content here can also open you up to another educational avenues, we are really making an impact. As I plan on continuing to learn, I hope to continue crossing paths with you on this journey.

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