Some Blogs that Provided Inspiration

As we embark on this journey together, here are a couple blogs that definitely have influenced me.

Body in Mind:

Research driven blog regarding pain science. It is amazing how much do not know about pain and it is amazing how much we are learning. After being introduced to this blog, it has helped my patient education and better understand/target the interventions I provide my patients. Sometimes the incorporation of evidence based practice is challenging in a clinical setting, but the breakdown of research studies here can make that implementation a little easier. I will do a review of some of their books at a later point, which are fantastic.

The Manual Therapist:

Another blog geared more to physical therapists, providing information for new grads to seasoned professionals. There are a lot of physical therapy blogs out there, but this blog stands out to me due to emphasis on manual treatment and also incorporating the pain science education. Continuing education recommendations, case studies, and other physical therapy related topics help make the blog “eclectic”.

Mr. Money Mustache:

I know, not a healthcare blog, but I think wellness includes taking care of yourself in many aspects of life including finances. This is a personal finance blog that provides some unique insight and motivation into really acquiring financial independence. The author has been able to “retire” at 30 so he can really provide some insights. Some ideas may not be for me, but it can be a valuable resource in improving my own financial literacy.

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