What I Learned from STAND Part 1

I started with the title “What I Learned from STAND” ready to write a post covering all the things I learned in Haiti. After a little bit, I realized that may be a little ambitious to cover in a single post. I decided I am going to break things up a little and cover one topic per post. That way I do not have to cram it all in. Some of the topics I plan to cover in future posts will include direct access, dry needling, different orthopedic approaches, cultural observations, and time utilization. I will start with a mini-post on specific manual techniques.

When you gather a bunch of clinicians in a house for a week, different treatment techniques are going to taught. Before, after, and sometimes during the day people would exchange ideas. People taught manual techniques for vertically challenged individuals, manipulations, cupping, and much more. Some of the techniques taught were maneuvers from the Spinal Manipulation Institute, which I had not heard of before. Sometimes we get patients who perceive a threat even with manual therapy. I think the way these techniques are performed can be one way of reducing that perceived threat.

It has piqued my interest enough to hopefully take one of their courses next year. I am frequently amazed about how small the world of physical therapy is, but sometimes it is even more incredible about how much is out there we are unaware of.  STAND was a great avenue to discover a little more of this world.


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