U-District Youth Center Fundraiser

I am excited to formally announce the first fundraiser organized by Clinicians for Wellness. We will be selling T-shirts to raise money for U District Youth Center, part of Youth Care.

For the last 5 summers, a group of my college friends have gotten together in cities around the US for vacations. My friend Galen (that is him in the background of the picture above) started the event and jokingly called it Galenfest. The name has stuck, and we keeping having a great time hanging around our beautiful country. This year in addition to exploring Seattle, we hoped we could do a little more.

Since we get T-shirts every year, we figured we could start a little bit of a fundraiser. Each T-shirt purchased will generate money for charity. A local non-profit, in the city we are visiting, made the most sense. Luckily, Galen has heard great things the University District Youth Center, part of Youth Care. This organization essentially provides social services for homeless youth with the eventual goal of having them transition to adult life. Check out this link and the video below for more information. Now we have a fundraiser and a cause. All we need is you to help us make a difference for Seattle youth!

You can purchase shirts here.



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